You were born to shine

This is the year for major transformation where we are called to honour the past and weave the future.

You were born to shine

Merging with your true Essence



Dear Wild Goddess,

This is the year for major transformation where we are called to honour the past and weave the future. Lately, with all the uncertainties of the world, it’s more important than ever to pause. To listen. I have written and rewritten this post so many times in my mind over the last couple of days. I’ve been in an emotional high. You are wondering why? Because I know I’m not alone here, and that’s why I’m sharing a purely uplifting post with all of you. As we navigate this health challenge and all that comes with it, I hope you find and hold space for yourself. I try my best to serve all facets of my life from a place of kindness and empathy – especially those struggling with physical and emotional effects.

I also want to invite you to join me intending to your inner Wild Goddess. It is time to return to your centre your breath this moment. Nurture your Temple Body. Focus on strengthening your frequency of self-love. Reach out. Connect to others on the phone or the dear once around you. Separation is the source of our suffering. Move, Dance, Play. Laughter strengthens the immune system. Let yourself live lightly and rise above the fear. Nourish your cells with high vibrational foods. Get enough rest. Trust yourself. Stay in a state of gratitude for what you do have. When all seems wild, I find just one thing to say thank you for. And then another. And another – it’s like a ripple effect. Right now, with this breath, I pause. I listen. There is so much beauty, even in the wildest storm. I believe that answers come in stillness. Embody the energy you wish to experience. Maintain a frequency of unconditional love by choosing love within. You are so much more powerful than you could ever imagine. Your energy creates. Your emotions hold a magnetic frequency that draws reality to you, and the loved once around you. Remember, fear is a virus that feeds on fear. Stay informed, but don’t allow your consciousness to be sucked by fear.

You were born to shine (especially in this untamed times). Your Light is Strong, Sacred and Serene.

I hope that you recognize that your power is within, and that’s why Self Love is an essential thing in this Life Journey of yours. Everything happening around you starts from your inner world; let’s make sure that you’re feeding it with Love every single day. Daily habits are what shape our reality; therefore performing daily Self Care Rituals will encourage your Self Love to grow even stronger! So, what are my Self Care Rituals? Besides dancing barefoot under the moon medicine, it is my Wild Goddess Yoga Practice and my Temple Body Rituals. By signing up for my Love Letter at the end of this blog post, you receive a very special Temple Body Ritual as a precious gift from my heart to yours.

Mother nature has taught me what self-love truly is. She is my silent anchor in this wild world consumed by noise. Her earth essence is essential to ground yourself and come back to the now. The present. Trust me, everything you can touch and squeeze in your hands feels like medicine.

Getting grounded for me looks like:

* spending less time on my screen

* stillness * moments in nature

* playing with the earth with my hands (sand, dirt, water, plants, food)

* being barefoot (always!)

* breathing love into the wounds of my inner child

* a long hug * honest conversation

* focusing on breathe

* home-cooked meals

* plant medicine

* noticing singular senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, sounds); sometimes I stare at the plants for so long I actually see them growing (lol).

Besides these practices, I love to live my creative essence. I highly suggest connecting with your creative energy. Free yourself from stagnant energy and create the dream canvas of YOUR life. This could be singing, writing, dancing, photography, drawing, painting … any form of self-expression is like medicine. Pouring energy into creativity is deeply healing in times of uncertainty. It gives form and releases beauty to your inner thoughts, no matter how messy they may be. A gratitude journal and a vision board are one of the best ways to manifest the life you want, boost creativity, ease anxiety + most importantly, keep alive the connection with your Wild Goddess essence. The past months, for example, I choose to spend my sacred time far from the screen to create something truly magical for you, sisters. It is called:

13ten Moons Wild Goddess Mystery School

A 13 month certification programme that unleashes the Wild Goddess within you to become a Wild Goddess Priestess.

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Holding you with love