I am in love with the magic of our existence. We are all infinite multifaceted beings with a specific purpose here to exist in the womb of Mother Earth. When I was a child, I already knew deep in my core that my very existence is to give unconditional love in this lifetime. No more nor less.

I am not here on earth to submit to and follow systems of society or a linear way of living that do not serve me or my surrounding. I am not here to fit in. I am here to make a change and rebuild.

I came to shine the unconditional LOVE of being that is the purpose of my true home in the universe by channelling the truth directly from my higher self, my source, my Essence, my Wild Goddess wisdom and her memories. I am here assisting in the awakening of human consciousness and the birthing of a new paradigm alongside those of you who share the same purpose and have responded to the call of Mother Earth.

Many humans have lost the connection with the feminine energy and therefore neglect the Sacred Earth beneath our feet.

I feel for these humans, for their deep sadness that is being cut off from love. Many of us can not remember the connection to a tribe, yet long for the warmth of a tribe … A home where we have a memory of a family, who understands and knows that planet earth, too, is our family not for nothing she is called MOTHER earth. Sadly we can’t seem to find that in our lives today … Instead, we live in a world where it is more common to compete with each other rather than to embrace one another.

It is time WE ARE RISING AS WOMEN, AS A TRIBE. WE HAVE BEEN CALLED TOGETHER! To finally unite in purpose and to speak up! To stand for what we believe in and to speak for those without voices!

This is the time to connect with Mother Earth and with Each Other.

If you want to grow … to transform … then you must listen and be willing to meet the world in all her magnificent MAGIC, in ALL her BEAUTY. Be the magical being you were born to be. Connect with your Essence the uncharted territory of your Temple Body, where there is stored the unique genetic key full of wisdom and deep knowing. Then use your potential to make a change, give all the love you have to Mother Earth and humanity. YOUR Essence is so pure and beautiful my love, don’t waste it. Because in the end, you have to remember; WE ARE ALL THE ANCESTORS OF THE FUTURE.


Love Hannah