Beauty is not make-up; beauty is an attitude
Beauty is not make-up; beauty is an attitude
“Beauty is not make-up; beauty is an attitude”
I love the gathering of women to share in rituals together – girlfriends, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers (like a sacred gathering in a red tent, womenfolk did hundreds of years ago!). This is something that forces everyone to slow down, to get a little messy, laugh a lot and really tune in to what it feels like to live in our Temple. Therefore, I invite you to get to know my Temple Body Rituals during a workshop, retreat or a 1:1 Healing Session. You will connect with Earth Essence and experience a detailed skin analysis, holistic herbal skin food practices, self-love rituals, the creation of different Temple Body goodies such as potions and scents, and many more treats your body could ask! Imagine you create your very own fragrant … one that mirrors your soul … how would you smell if you would be fragrant? Which colour, which pleasant smell, which emotion would you bottle in a flacon if it mirrors your essence?
I consider every daily routine of body care as a ritual, and I think of each of my products as delicious nourishment for my skin and my Temple Body.
I encourage you to pamper yourself regularly to give your Temple the attention it deserves. With mindfulness, this can become your very personal ritual and contribute to your highest possible well-being. Your Temple wants to be nourished every day with attention and love.
I want you to feel something when you pick up a beauty potion to enter your cleansing ritual. I want you to feel harmony, relaxation, pleasure, happiness and celebration as you become fully immersed in the precious sensuousness of your own skin and the Wild Goddess within you. This moment is sacred, and it’s yours.


Beauty is not make-up; beauty is an attitude
There is a pearl of wisdom spoken. Never apply ingredients on your precious skin that you can’t eat.
There is a pearl of wisdom spoken. Never apply ingredients on your precious skin that you wouldn’t’ eat.
There is a pearl of wisdom spoken. Never apply ingredients on your precious skin that you can’t eat.

The skin is our largest sensory organ and messenger of the emotions – in fear, she raises her hair; in shame, she blushes treacherously. She is the canvas for our grief, our anger and our joy, with her we exchange touches if we like to show affection. Our skin is the mirror of our soul. This connection between skin and psyche experts call psycho-dermatology. Still, it is not a big science, the external stimuli such as chemical cosmetics, environmental pollution, worry and stress, cause skin problems. The obvious issues with the skin then add to our self-confidence and aggravate the situation.

I’m asked often for my beauty secrets. The answer is deeply personal for me. I have highly sensitive skin that erupts in rashes, and various forms of dermatitis when out of balance. From a very early age, my skin was the focus of heightened attention – since I am a redhead with porcelain skin. With the years, my chemical sensitivities continued to increase, and I became more aware of how much my environment affected my well-being.

I discovered that I have a sensitivity to synthetic fragrance, preservatives, various of irritants, and that I suffer from a tremendous food allergy. Conventional skincare wreaks total havoc on my complexion, and even many “natural” ingredients irritate my skin.


As aesthetician and spa therapist, I had to experiment a lot with high-tech treatments and products common in spa and product training – chemically coloured masks, perfumed cleaning products, scrubs and concentrates. These treatments and products were, in the long run, torture for my skin. Since a couple of years, any beauty products makes me struggle with skin that keeps me in a constant state of discomfort and awareness. My solution was to immerse myself in the study of ingredients, organic products, plant medicine and ultimately create a holistic self-care ritual targeted to my own challenges. Over the years, my knowledge, experience, and passion evolved due to my own challenges and those of my clients, what presented me with a deeper understanding and a better point of view.


It is the simplest things that, if you notice them, have long-lasting effects. My mother taught me in my youth that eye cream is essential, and my face begins at the hairline and ends under my breasts, i.e. I care neck, décolletage and breasts. There may be women who think I have too much time – which of course is not true, the difference is, I take the time, it is my very own personal self-love ritual for my precious Temple and me.

Make sure you know what is in the foods and products you buy, and support manufactures you respect.
Make sure you know what is in the foods and products you buy, and support manufactures you respect.
Make sure you know what is in the foods and products you buy, and support manufactures you respect.

So often, we rush through our cleansing process, and everything we do with our skin becomes a routine instead of a little ritual of love for ourselves. Or, in contrast, investing in aggressive brushing, peeling or cosmetic treatments, without realizing what exactly we are doing to our most vulnerable organ.

A former employee (ten years younger than me) once asked me if I could tell her at which cosmetic surgeon would I have my Botox done? I was shocked because Botox and such things are something that would never be suitable for me because there are no long-term studies to date and I also think that we women have a right to age with dignity. Sadly, this question is a seemingly common question among women today (overwhelmingly and especially in the mid-20s).

In today’s world, beauty products come from the drugstore and remedies from the pharmacy. This source of supply seems entirely reasonable for us today, but if you look more closely, it is an unfortunate fact. Mother Earth has provided us with an incredible selection of plants, herbs and flowers that we can use both internally and externally to heal both body and soul. Natural ingredients are easily absorbed by our organism, which by no means can always be said of synthetically produced substances. In my 1 on 1 treatment and workshops, I use natural and above all holistic products to treat skin and body from the inside as well as from the outside with as much care as if I were preparing dinner for my dearest girlfriends. Therefore, you will probably be tempted to snack on the mixtures in the preparation. Although I fully understand your desire to snack, I would recommend that you only take the plant potions that are intended for it. It is so important to me that any self-care ritual I create inspires playfulness, over-the-top self-indulgence, and loving care for both your soul and your sacred Temple Body.

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The green witch is a naturalist, a herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the earth and the universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land; she uses plans, flowers, oils, and herbs for healing; she calls on nature for guidance; and she respects every living being, no matter how small.
                                                                           ~ Arin Murphy-Hiscock