Loving words from sisterhood.
words from Sisterhood
See a little below about what women thought about their Wild Goddess experience:

  • Loving Notes from Sisterhood
    Hannah is the total embodiment of feminine wisdom! She is such a loving guide & is dedicated to supporting & empowering women on their path to discovering the feminine Wild Goddess within them. Hannah’s commitment to her work, her clients & her path is lovingly reflected in everything she does, each offering created by Hannah is a luxurious experience made for a queen!  During our time together, I was able to shed old layers of fear, insecurity & tap back into my creative feminine presence. Her work reconnects you with the truth that the power of softness is strength.
    I am so grateful for our time together & I look forward to continuing our work together in the future. Thank you so much, Hannah!
    Madeline Astraia
    Creator of the Wild Woman Wisdom Temple, Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Healer & Embodiment Coach
  • Love Notes from Sisterhood
    It was the first time in my life that I experienced Wild Goddess Yoga and Temple Body Practices. We moved with the rhythm of sensuous music; we nourished our senses; explored deep feminine wisdom; we cried; we laughed. It was magical! I found yoga through this weekend with Hannah, and I am blown away that I can move my body in a way that I never thought possible. She teaches very soulful and technically excellent lessons. Thank you for the beautiful yoga experience, the hugs, the love, the light, the container, the enlightenment and the strength. Can’t wait to continue the adventure with you, Hannah, and to come back for another Wild Goddess event.
  • Loving Notes from Sisterhood
    Hannah made me feel seen and heard, and I felt to be in a really safe place. To be witnessed like this was a whole new experience for me. Thanks to the different aspects that Hannah applies in her work, I’ve received a whole new relationship with my body and especially my intuition. Ever since using these practices, I have learned to observe and appreciate the signs of my body. The Wild Goddess view of femininity has given me exceptional power. I am very grateful to have made this experience and can highly recommend Hannah as a Yoga Teacher and Temple Body Artist. I am deeply moved by what I experienced with Hannah through her 1:1 guidance. Since this day, I am sure that sisterhood is not just a vogue word but truly exists. Thank you, Hannah!
    Event Manager
  • Loving Notes from Sisterhood
    Hannah is a very inspiring woman for me. She is the embodiment of a real goddess; I witness her grace, elegance and artful approach to living. Through her glowing example, I am often inspired to call back pieces of myself that have gone missing. I love to witness her journey into creating the life that she desires and bringing her gifts into this world. It is uplifting and motivating for me to watch her grow, thrive and transform into the wild goddess she was born to be. I can highly recommend her offerings that come from a place of love, passion and desire to live the best version of herself. I am looking forward to watching more magic that is going to come pouring through her. With love, your sister Cornelia Aurelia
    Cornelia Aurelia
    Yoga Teacher & Temple Body Artist
  • Love Notes from Sisterhood
    What a weekend! This workshop blew my mind. Never before have I felt so completely relaxed, comfortable and supported by a group of women I had previously never met before. I was struggling to find the words, to sum up, the weekend I’ve just had. Having had time to land back down on earth and think, I’m beyond grateful for what I experienced this weekend with these unbelievable goddesses. The biggest thank you to you, Hannah the ultimate Wild Goddess, for creating the most beautiful sisterhood gathering which reflected your inner and outer soul beauty so incredibly! It can only be described as powerful, transformational and life-changing. Deeply personal stories and truths were shared and held sacred in our hearts without judgement. We started as strangers and ended as sisters. I will never ever forget this weekend. Truly magical!
    Aesthetician & Spa Therapist
  • Loving words from Sisterhood
    I was feeling isolated and lonely before I met Hannah.
    Since I have started my spiritual journey, I have learned that its a lot about getting back to my feminine roots. So I started to look for a community, a circle, like-minded women, where I can be my self, speak up about things that matter to me, share my vulnerability and emotions.
    And it was not easy, especially living in a country where the language is a barrier to communication.
    And oh, boy! How lucky I was to meet Hannah on my way! I am so grateful, for her wisdom, love and beauty that she spread in the room from the very first seconds I entered my first Wild Goddess Yoga class!
    Hannah has taken me in her arms with love and warmth, spoke to me in a language I understood, ask me right questions, so I had enough space to grow and gave me a yoga mat to be my self.
    Hannah accepted me and let me share my ideas, emotions and feelings during our sessions. She thought me to be free in Wild Goddess Yoga and express myself, which always gave me a sense of completion, freedom and Shakti.
    My heart is full of gratitude, love and appreciation to Hannah, and for that, she is creating the space and time for me and other sisters to remember our true feminine nature and awaken Shakti within us!
    Thank you, my dearest Hannah, for your being!
    Business Developer at IKEA
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