I want you to feel your most authentic self. Let me guide you to dive deep to the mystery place of self, where all your wild beauty is hidden. By shedding the layers of your cocoon, you will meet your Wild Goddess, she who is your true essence. With my support, you are going to shower in her love until you are ready to shine your highest self. Embody your Wild Goddess, while you gather in a circle of sisters – a Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine.
It is my wish that you fall in love with all your precious self
It is my wish that you fall in love with all your precious self
I am Hannah Blossom the creative mind and Founder of Wild Goddess – Sisterhood Of The Divine Feminine. I am a born Libra in the Ascendant of the Lion and the Moon in Capricorn. My elements are air and fire. My planet is Venus and Sun. My elements might be one of the reasons for my quenchless soul to travel the world. The Venus navigates me to all things beautiful, love is my essence, and I am deeply passionate about all I do. I consider myself first and foremost as a Temple Body Artist, then a yoga teacher and holistic wellness therapist – but also as a jungle nymph and Highland Elf. In my spare time, I am a traveller, adventuress, home apothecary/kitchen witch, plant whisperer, moon dancer, and a barefoot jungle nymph at heart (I am not more nor less, all of this is me, it is my essence; my Wild Goddess). Music is my portal to my creativity, and the wilderness makes me feel at home. The visual and acoustic expression is the language I speak beyond words and the one I feel most comfortable in speaking. I think and feel visually/acoustically, which I love to transform into my work. I am a highly sensitive person. I don’t know what it’s like to not have deep emotions. Even when I feel nothing, I feel it completely.

Hannah Blossom is my spiritual name that found me on my journey. It’s the name I’ve held in my heart since my spiritual yoga journey began, but I was not aware of the meaning at that time. Today I am sure that this name is derivated from my first given name Johanna (“Gift from God”, “Gracious”). Hannah (“favour”, “grace”) is heart-centred, sensual and radiant. Blossom means “flower”, “bloom” or to rebirth like the sacred lotus. The defiantly persistent and dependable power of lotus to always rise and show us the possibilities of a new day I am all these things and more. I am Hannah, the creatress of Wild Goddess, and this is my story.

My work is a visual and acoustic expression of my soul. With my offerings, I painted my dream canvas for you. Wild Goddess – Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine, full of love and support. A lovingly created alchemy offering holistic spiritual therapy for body, mind, and soul weaving Wild Goddess Yoga, tantric practices, healing rituals, and herbal skin food practices for the Goddess within. I offer my heart-centred practices through private 1:1 guidance, workshops, and epic wilderness retreats hosted in the deep wilderness, the sacred womb of mother earth. I can’t wait to gather with you, to weave, to dream, to share, to create!

From the time I was a child …

I knew I want to wrap my arms around the world, that I wanted to travel to every remote corner and explore every breathtaking place of Mother Earth. And so, I did.

I remember all too well. It was on holidays. I was four years old, I got up at night, sitting in the cold hallway on our packed suitcases, impatient for the day to finally dawn, and we would start our upcoming journey with the family. I was excited like hell! From that moment on, I knew that I would travel for the rest of my life! Several years later I discovered that my parents were supposed to immigrate to New Zealand, also known as Aotearoa – the land of the long white cloud; and from there on the country of my dreams! While my father was touring the country, he got a job, made friends, and began the emigration process right after his return. In the end, a disagreement between my parents leads to the decision to stay in Germany. I was furious about this decision because I never felt at home in my own country, neither my language. I immediately became drawn to this mysterious country on the other side of the world, a land that was not flooded by tourism at the time and therefore unknown to my schoolmates. A whisper deep down told me that I belong somewhere else, a place of pure wilderness and mystery! This experience made me collect every information I could find about New Zealand. I spend all my pocket money on travel magazines and documentation movies. I collected all the letters my dad had written over the years with his Kiwi friends (the nickname of the white population of New Zealand). I wrote to several magazines to send me a copy of articles they have published about the wild country at the other end of the world.

From the time I was a child … I knew I want to wrap my arms around the world, travelling to every hidden corner, exploring every mind-blowing niche of Mother Earth.
From the time I was a child … I knew I want to wrap my arms around the world, travelling to every hidden corner, exploring every mind-blowing niche of Mother Earth.
On the road in New Zealand
Forever and always New Zealand
Aotearoa my Love

Years of grief and struggle followed when my parents got divorced. My three siblings and I had to live a life torn between my parents. As a young woman, I couldn’t stand my traumatised adolescence any longer, so I started off to make my dreams come true! I early left home and worked as a Holistic Aesthetician and Spa Therapist in several five-star hotels around the world. But the day came when I felt that I needed a break. I decided to make my entire life dream come true, New Zealand! I took one year off to travel my dream country; it was the best time of my life! Intensive encounters with great people from all over the world followed. I travelled the entire country, flew alone to a remote Polynesian island called Rarotonga and tested my limits that year wherever I could. This included living in a flat with sixteen others and a bungee jump before I left the country. Of course, I didn’t just want to jump 43 m from a bridge, no it had to be 134 m from a gondola into a canyon (currently the highest bungee in the world). I said to myself, if I were going to jump, I would do it right because I would fall either way.

Returning home was difficult. I found myself restless, what lead me once again to wrap my arms around the world. I applied at a cruise ship as Spa Manager (a position I had never worked before) to travel all the hidden corners and mind-blowing niches of Mother Earth I dreamed of to explore as a child. One year in New Zealand, followed by one year on a world cruise, made me discover a whole new me. Upon my return to Germany, and with the support of my family, I opened a luxury lingerie boutique to make another (as I thought) a dream come true.

I already discovered as a young girl that “women’s bodies are temples; they are pure magic inside and out! “As I’ve always known that I need to explore the world, I also knew that I had to be in service to women, share my collected knowledge and experience as a gift to women who are ready to heal and transform. Four exciting years past until I had to move on because business was tough that days and my soul’s purpose called me to travel again (just as it’s said in the movie Chocolat: “But still the clever north wind was not satisfied. It spoke to Vianne of places yet to be visited, friends in need yet to be discovered, battles yet to be fought … “). So I returned to my further job as a Spa Manager and experienced some more exciting years while working in the luxury hotel industry abroad.

During these last couple of years, I was searching quite extensively in regards to spirituality and also a need for affiliation, and through that, I found yoga. When I started to practice yoga, there was a sense of connection on the inside where I really wanted to be. I felt motivated to transform myself, and the moment I stepped on my mat, I felt like I was home. I felt like this was the space where I could be myself and really connect to this internal part of myself. I felt at home within myself despite my struggles, and that was huge for me when I started the practice and is the main reasons I practice today.

Hawaii - Mother Earth
Hannah as Spa Manager on a Cruise Ship
Hannahs journey around the world
Epic sunsets every evening
My treehouse in the jungle of Costa Rica

But every story has to come to an end,

what happened after a return from Costa Rica, where I spend some time on my own in the depth of the Costa Rican jungle up in a treehouse. I was longing for silence, connecting deeply with nature, and to be with myself. I felt like a jungle nymph in these wild surroundings. A one of a kind experience which is hard to put into words. Imagine being all alone in a treehouse without electricity, staying in the deepest jungle of Costa Rica. This was one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had, the best to step out of my comfort zone! The animals gave me shelter in their home, so I had to give them shelter in my home too. Instead of letting my fear gain the upper hand, I baptised my wild resident’s by names such as Clara the bat or George the spider, what helped me lose fear and instead connect with them on a deep level.
When the days turned dark (or better said black) at 5 pm, I listened to all the wild sounds surrounding me in the jungle. It was the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life. Truly the most incredible experience in my life!

It was merely impossible to walk a path in this epic rainforest, where I was not facing beauty everywhere I went. So I surrendered home to the womb of mother earth, what made sharpen my senses to feel it completely, learning, evolving and connecting with my inner child and my higher self.

Returning home to Europe I had to discover a total burn-out in Vienna (where I was living that days, working as Spa Manager for the most significant and luxury hotel brand in the world „The Ritz-Carlton“). Exhausted I discovered that I had lived my life on a fast lane with nowhere to go, only knowing that I had to dive deep inside my soul, where I found a need for deep healing of my karmic wounds, connecting with source and my real me.
My burn-out was a gift sent by the universe. To that day in the year of 2017, I had moved 33 times in 37 years of age, living in four countries since birth. I had travelled most of the world and made a career out of nothing in a total hurry. In the meantime (at the age of just 28), I had become self-employed in a completely different industry. And last but not least, I had the most blatant job in all the years of hospitality (not to mention my private life, which was a huge challenge in both love wise and finance).
I devoted the last 18 years to performing and studying the Art of holistic therapeutic skin and spa treatments where I counted guests like Tina Turner, Alanis Morissette and many more celebrities to my clientele.
Over the past decade, I’ve led luxury hotel SPAs around the world, created healing SPA concepts, and in the meantime running a retail business for four years.

I quit my job to follow my love story and built my life around yoga and holistic therapy. After completing my first 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, I decided to dive deeper into the practice with Rachel Brathen and Lara Heimann with another 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training. Suddenly my essence was rising because I found what I was all the years longing for; my Wild Goddess within! And this is how the name for my concept and my creation came into being.

My treehouse in the midst of the deep jungle.
5 o'clock tea in the darkness of the jungle makes me the happiest camper!
Me while meditating at my jungle lagoon.
Walking barefoot grounds me and connects me deeply with Mama Gaia.

Continuing to weave in the ancient traditions of the Divine Feminine into my constantly evolving offerings and expanding my knowledge through my commitment to my own daily personal rituals & practices, I returned to Costa Rica. For one year I participated the Global Mentorship of Sofiah Thom – CEO and Founder of the Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance, Co-Founder of the Envision Festival, as well as Danyasa Eco-Retreat – to become a Temple Body Artist. I got trained in the sacred arts of tantra yoga, expressive healing arts, dance therapy and ritual arts to awaken my creative power, wisdom and sacred sensuality as a living goddess here to shine my brilliance with the world. Sofiah was not only my teacher. She became my mentor and encouraged me to create my offering called Wild Goddess. A Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine.

Meditation with the goddesses.
Me, sourrounded by my sisters durung the Temple Body Arts Live Training.
Sunset in the jungle of Costa Rica.
Hannah practicing Wild Goddess Yoga.
 Meanwhile as a modern-day Yogini and Temple Body Artist
I am honoured to share the wisdom transmissions that I received as a mirror to women healing & transforming. It became my sacred mission and soul’s purpose to awaken the inner Wild Goddess in women through my signature creation. I take a passionate stand for women’s pleasure and power. “I have been on the path of the healing healer for the sense of my life.” I have dedicated my life to my healing and to be in selfless service to others. I am grateful to be a perpetual student of life. I have been privileged to study many paths and traditions that I weave into my offerings and reflections. I am deeply humbled and blessed to have received the opportunity to share Yoga Alchemy, Temple Body Wisdom, thru my Wild Goddess workshops, and epic wilderness retreats. My Dharma (life’s mission) is to inspire others to live life in a way in which everything is possible, and all that comes can be swallowed as sacred medicine that will benefit the healing of the Mind, Temple Body, and Soul. It is my wish that you fall in love with all your precious self!
I live back home in Germany close to my family. I created my little bohemian home with my own two hands from scratch. I live my passion. My “work” revolves around Feminine Treasures, which emerged through working on myself and with other women in classes and retreats. I sit here and write these words with a deep calm of sense that I don’t belong somewhere else despite my roots, where I am happiest, and these roots are not anchored in a particular place, but myself. I first had to figure out that you can’t find a home somewhere else before you find home within yourself. It’s that simple and the same with love. You can’t love somebody else before you honestly love yourself.
After all my excursions, I can proudly say I found home within myself. Not everyone has such a story, but we all have to face highs and lows in life. Despite all the struggles I had to face, I learned that life is too short to play small, it’s too precious to not say YES to yourself!
You can live your life however you want, be whoever you want and achieve whatever you want; only you alone are setting your limits. The universe has no limits. There’s a lesson in every battle, in every struggle, in every “what the hell do you want me to do now? “And often it is the same, unforgiving wind that encourages us to effortlessly sail. Rising is not linear but an endless cycle. Allowing it to change us takes courage, which is why most people resist it. You and I are not most people.
She travelled to the ends of the Earth To find the COURAGE To be who SHE ALWAYS WAS

She travelled to the ends of the Earth

To find the COURAGE


~ unknown


Humbly I thank my many teachers, all beings who help me cultivate my life and realize my higher consciousness. May life-force energy flow through my being, and Divine Presence penetrate my body and soul. May my love be free and graceful!

The Divine Feminine in me bows to the Divine in you.


Sofiah Thom

Rachel Brathen

Lara Heimann

Sianna Sherman

Dylan Werner

Meghan Currie

Bryan Kest

Misha Varmuza

Suzanne Freiherz

Mar Harrsen

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek

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